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Vooster Freshdesk integration



Voost connection for Freshdesk is an available integration that allows you to interconnect your cloud telephony system with your Helpdesk, Freshdesk, either through Voost Flex or Voost for Teams.


Flex Premium
Teams Premium
Vooster Freshdesk integration

What does this integration consist of?

Voost for Freshdesk is a powerful integration that allows you to connect your cloud telephony system with Freshdesk, the customer service and ticket management platform. With this integration, you can improve communication and collaboration for your team, optimize your workflow processes, and provide a better experience for your customers.

What features does it include?

  • Click2Call
  • Call recording registration in the customer, ticket, and Freshdesk account record
  • Call details registration in the Freshdesk customer record, as well as in the corresponding ticket and account (address, duration, outcome, queue...)
  • Identification of inbound calls based on Freshdesk records
  • Automatic record creation (tickets, calls, contacts...)
  • Call history in the customer record
  • Benefits of integrating Freshdesk with Vooster

    Better data, all in one place

    With Vooster, all phone conversations are recorded and tracked in your Contact, Company, Business, and Ticket records with information such as call duration, phone number, a link to check call recordings, agent comments, and call results. All your call data will be available in Freshdesk to generate native reports and workflow triggers.

    Customer history at your fingertips

    Dive into customer history thanks to Vooster's intelligence. Vooster will automatically bring up the contact card for the caller, providing vital information to your sales representatives and support agents before they answer incoming calls. All the history of your Freshdesk customers is just a click away, providing the complete context of your call and giving your team the maximum context to improve the customer experience and have better conversations.

    Flexibility, wherever you are

    Don't compromise call quality or risk losing data working remotely. Both Voost for Teams and Voost Flex have a mobile app for iPhone and Android that can be used to keep your Freshdesk data up to date, no matter where you are. Make remote work easier for your team and don't lose any information.

    It's time to take a leap in your communications!